UFDC - Urban Fusion Dance Crew
Lucy Turner
Choreographer, Teacher, Manager & Director of
UFDC est 2008
Fully Qualified Dance Teacher
Lucy holds an `Outstanding Teacher of Dance` Qualification for Stoke On Trent City Council 2010 & Sandwell City Council 2011-current day
Lucy is Fully CRB Checked and Insured to run dance classes at Urban Studio`s and a Rented venues/ premises.
Insured to play music throught a PRS music liscence and support employees within the facility.
Lucy teaches most advanced classes at the studio and choreographs teams for all the UFDC competitions
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Alison Payne
Alison has been with UFDC from the start. She fully supports the studio with finance, competition entry, costumes and the all important administration. Alison is a UFDC Licenced Chaperone and is fully CRB Checked
Her job title is Assistant Director.
Hollie Eustace
Hollie is one of our most experienced  teachers. She is capable of teaching all the styles in which the studio offers to the children. She has been with the studio for 4 years and is a member of Energetix and a successful solo competitor in all competitions. Hollie is a strict but fair teacher applying strong discipline skills to all her class, achieving successful and well polished, enjoyable choreography. A determined young lady to achieve the very best for her students. Hollie will make a great director in years to come Hollie offers Private Tuition to all her students.
Elise Hegney
Elise is one of our most mature teachers. With great potential to make a career out of teaching dance. She has plenty of patience with our little groovers and her choreography has proved brilliant things. She competes with UFDC`s most successful team Energetix and commits to all her performances with determination. Elise is a great role model at UFDC. She teaches lyrical and lyrical hip hop and offers private tuition to all her students.
Natasha Underhill
Natasha is one of our longest UFDC members. She is a very committed student teacher and teaches hip hop girls and lyrical hip hop for the younger students. She has great potential as a teacher. Natasha trains and competes with Energetix, UFDC`s most successful competition crew. Natasha also offers private tuition to all her students.
Annie Farmer
Annie is a very mature student for her age. She has a very confident unique dance style which inspires all her onlookers. She teaches the Lyrical hip hop and Hip Hop girls for our more mature students. Annie has had great success as a solo competitor in all competitions and trains with the very successful Energetix.
Annie offers private tuition for all her students.
 Ryan McAneny
Ryan has been with studio for 4 years. He is a student teacher and teaches the NGA `No Girls Allowed Class` on a Wednesday - Great class for JUST boys! Ryan has a strong drive to succeed at dance and will not give up till he has it.
Ryan has also been offered a scholarship to dance and tour with the Young Americans in Los Angeles in 2015.
Ryan`s specialist styles are breakin, poppin and freestyle. Ryan competes with the team Energetix and is a successful soloist in all competitions. Ryan offers private tuition to all his students.
Gamarni Coke-Stoute
Gamarni has been with the studio just over 2 years now. He is a student teacher and teaches the NGA `No Girls Allowed Class` on a Wednesday - Great class for JUST boys! Gamarni is a succesful solo competitor and dances with he team Energee,  his main style is lockin and poppin. Gamarni has a great fun personality which is infectious to all around him. Gamarni offers private tuition to all his students,.
Maddison Payne
Maddison is a very confident student teacher with the tots. Her choreography is fun and enjoyable allowing all her learners to progress. MAddision had been with the studio nearly 6 years and has been a very successful soloist in all the competitions. Maddy trains and competes with Energetix.
Gabbie Daly:
Gabbie has been with the studio 5 years. She teaches the younger students and encourages them to believe in themselves. Gabbie trains and competes with the successful  team Energee. we hope to establish Gabbie more within the teaching team over the next 12 months as she has great teaching potential.
Eve Dettmer
Eve is a supporting student teacher for Hollies Street classes on a Tuesday. She has great choreographic potential at the age of just 12. She is a super role model both for the younger and older students at UFDC. Eve competes with Energetix and she is a very successful solo competitor in all her competitions. Eve strives for perfection, and she has great potential as a dance teacher.
Georgia Brannon
Georgia is one of our newest teachers, Georgia Dances with Energetix and is renowned for her amazing personality. Georgia`s style is funky and unique and she is a pleasure to have at the studio.

A great committed teacher and student!


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